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Want to understand what the meaning of flowers and foliage you are choosing for your wedding? From our third-party research here is a whimsical guide on flower and foliage meanings to deepen your connection to your chosen flowers on your wedding day and to help you choose if meanings are important to you. To save you the time from my online research here are some beautiful meanings behind various flowers and foliage.

Asparagus Fern – fascination

Aster – Love and Daintiness

Baby’s Breath – Innocence and Pure of heart

Bells of Ireland – Good luck

Bird of Paradise – Symbol of faithfulness

Calla Lily – Magnificent beauty

Camellia – Gratitude, Perfection

Camellia (Red) – Unpretending excellence, You’re a flame in my heart

Camellia (White) – You’re adorable, Perfected loveliness

Camellia (Pink) – Longing for you

Carnation (White) – Sweet, Lovely, Innocence, Pure love, Adoration

Carnation (Pink) – I’ll never forget you

Chrysanthemum (Red) – I love you

Chrysanthemum (White) – Truth

Clover – (Four Leaf) – Be mine

Cornflower – Delicacy, Refinement

Daffodil – Unrequited love, Respect

Dahlia – Dignity and Elegance

Daisy – Loyal Love, Gentleness, Innocence

Dandelion – Faithfulness, Happiness, Love’s oracle

Delphinium – Flight of fancy

Dogwood – Durability

Elder Flower – Zeal

Fern – Fascination, Sincerity, Magic

Fern (Maidenhair) – Secret bond of love, Discretion

Flax – Domestic symbol

Forget Me Not – True love, Faithfulness, Remembrance

Freesia – Innocence, Trust, Friendship

Gardenia – Purity, Sweet love, You’re lovely

Gerbera – Innocence

Hibiscus – Delicate beauty

Hydrangea – Gratitude and honesty, Deep understanding, Abundance

Iris – Faith, Valour, Wisdom, Friendship

Ivy – Fidelity, Wedded Love, Affection, Friendship

Jonquil – Affection returned, Desire, Love me

Lily of the Valley – Return of happiness, Humility

Lavender – Loyalty, Love, Devotion

Lily (White) – Sweetness, Purity

Larkspur – An open heart

Magnolia – Love of nature, Nobility

Morning – Glory, Affection

Moss – Maternal love, Charity

Olive Branch – Peace

Orchid – Love, Beauty

Palm LeavesVictory, Success

Pansy – Thoughtful reflection, Merriment

Peony – Happy marriage, Prosperity, Bashfulness

Poppy – Eternal sleep, Oblivion, Imagination

Queen Anne’s Lace – Haven

Ranunculus – Radiant, Charming

Rose (Red) – Love, I love you, Desire

Rose (Single red) – I Love You

Rose (White) – Charm, Innocence

Rose (White and Red) – Unity

Rose (Pink) – Perfect happiness

Rose (Pale Pink) – Grace

Rose (Dark Pink) – Thankfulness

Rose (Burgundy) – Unconscious beauty

Rose (Coral) – Desire

Rose (Dark Crimson) – Mourning

Rose (Orange) – Fascination

Rose (Peach) – Immortality, Modesty

Rose (WhiteDried) – Death is preferable to loss of virtue

Rose (Yellow) – Friendship, Joy, Gladness

Rose (Bridal) – Happiness

Rose (Christmas) – Relieve my anxiety

Rose (Damask) – Freshness, Persian ambassador of love

Rose (Hibiscus) – Delicate, Beauty

Rose (Lavender) – Enchantment

Rose (Leaf) – You may hope

Rose (Musk Cluster) – Charming

Rose (Tea) – I’ll remember always

Rose (Thornless) – Love at first sight

Rosebud – Beauty, Youth

Rosebud (Red) – Pure, Lovely

Rosebud (White) – Girlhood

Rosebud (Moss) – Confessions of love

Roses (Assorted Colours) – You’re everything to me

Roses (Single Full Bloom) – I Love You, I still love you

Roses (Bouquet Mature Blooms) – Gratitude

Roses (Garland or Crown of) – Beware of virtue, Reward of merit, Symbol of superior merit

Rosemary – Remembrance

Snapdragon – Gracious lady

Snowball – Thoughts of heaven

Statice – Remembrance

Stock – Affection, Lasting beauty, You’ll always be beautiful to me

Sunflower – Pride

Sweet Pea – Blissful pleasure, Good-bye, Departure

Tiger Lily – Prosperity

Tulip – Love and Passion

Violet – Faithfulness, Modesty

Wax Flower – Riches

Wisteria – Welcome

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