Table Garland Tutorial

Table Garland Tutorial 1

Materials - Click Photo to buy Flowers and Foliage

What you will need: x1/2 of the premade garlands (for this one I have chosen the eucalyptus garland), x2 bunches of flowers & x1 bunch of baby's breath. These tutorials are for adults only and please take appropriate safety precautions when using scissors and wire cutters.

Table Garland Tutorial 3

Step 1

Take your two garlands and lay them out. If there is a wire end (like on these ones) wrap it around the near end of one garland so they now starting to attach.

Table Garland Tutorial 5

Step 2

Then wrap the garland that you attached on around the other garland about 6 times and use the wire of the first garland to wrap around at the other end.

Table Garland Tutorial 7

Step 3

Starting in the middle tread a few flowers through the garland to create your focal point (if you want one). I used about 7 flowers and 5 stems of baby's breath. Then evenly-ish space the rest of the flowers out on both sides. Take a step back and look to see if you are happy with the layout, and change accordingly if not.

Table Garland Tutorial 9

Step 4

Using twine tightly tie the stems near the flower head to the garland, do this for every flower. You are welcome to cut the rest of the stems off or leave them if you like the stems as part of your arrangement. Always do a double knot and cut the ends of the twine so it is tidy.

Table Garland Tutorial 11

Step 5

Hope you enjoy this simple way to create a table garland!

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