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Looking for New Zealand’s finest artificial wedding flowers – bouquets, foliage, garlands (also shipped to Australia)?

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NZ Based we ship throughout New Zealand and Worldwide.

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All the flowers and foliage available on this website are used by Aleisha Renee for her custom made arrangements.

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Choose the most effective way to get the look you want for your wedding, be it custom made, pre-designed or DIY.

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Buy with confidence through New Zealand's best artifical wedding flowers supplier.


Same flowers to DIY!

Custom Made

Aleisha’s full bespoke service


Tried and tested designs by Aleisha

Featured DIY Artificial Wedding Flowers

How does this all work? You choose what is right for your wedding and budget: pre-made, break down pre-mades and mix with foliage and DIY or contact Aleisha to design and create them for you. Use the same flowers that Aleisha uses and combine with DIY tutorials to get the most cost-effective look.

Aleisha Renee - Design & Make


Let Aleisha show you how to put together the same flowers and foliage she uses for her custom made Everlasting Flowers arrangement and now you can get the florist look for the fraction of the price!

Not only can you buy quality flowers and foliage, shipped to you from New Zealand, but you can also use Aleisha’s step-by-step tutorials to walk you through how to make the beautiful arrangements designed by Aleisha. You can use the same principles of artificial flower arranging in these tutorials to apply them to your own unique designs. For added fun put them together with bridesmaids / friends which is such a fun and cost effective way to get the best flower look for your wedding. You are really are gonna get

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